Dongying Kaishenglite Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in thread protector, stabbing guide, bit breaker, mud bucket, inserts or dies for slips or manual tongs.

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Thread Protector

Clamp-on thread protectors are made of high quality special spring-steel cage and tough special polymers and polyurethane to protect casing or tubing threads, Thread Protectors are designed with stainless steel handles to ensure quick gripping and removing from pipes, Thread Protectors are available for casing with BTC thread or tubing with VAM thread, short circle thread connect or VAM thread, size of thread protectors range from 4½" to 24", thread protectors can serve for weather conditions from -46≧ to 66≧.

thread protector, clamp on thread protector, Klamp on thread protectorthread protector, clamp on thread protector, rubber thread protector

Stabbing Guide

Stabbing Guide is designed to protect pipe connectors when coupling tubing or casing, stabbing guide  is simple in structure, safe and reliable, and easy for operation. Stabbing Guide are available from 2⅜" to 20".

stabbing guide, rubber stabbing guide

Ring Gauge/ Gauge Ring

ring gaugegauge ring

Pipe Wiper

pipe wiper

            Dual Pipe Wiper                  Flat Pipe Wiper



Inserts or Dies

dies or inserts

Lifting Plug

Lifting plugs are designed for lifting heavy pipes and other threaded pipes by use appropriate device.

Lifting Plug

Bit Breakers

Bit breaker is designed to prevent the drill bit from turning while the bit sub on top of it is tightened or loosened. Bit breakers for PDC bit or tricone bit are available.

bit breaker, PDC bit breakerbit breaker for tricone bit, bit breaker for rock bit, bit breaker

plate adaptor


Mud Saver/ Mud Bucket

Mud Saver or mud bucket is designed for drilling fluid recovery, and can fit pipe sizes from 2⅜" to 6⅝".

With the conventional drilling mud box, some mud is lost over the bell nipple or onto the rotary table and floor when pulling wet strings. Mud Saver catches and returns this fluid to the active mud system or trip tank.

Mud Savers or Mud Buckets feature a quick-opening and closing latch assembly, which provide efficient, positive, and convenient means of keeping rig floors dry and safe. Cuts labor cost in wash down time on rig floors.

Mud-Saver also prevents the loss of drilling fluids and spillage onto rig floors, reducing the risk of accidental polluting when drilling in environmentally sensitive areas. Mud-Saver also improves operations safety by preventing slick floors that can lead to crew accidents. Eliminating drill spillage onto the rig floor also reduces crew clean-up time and cuts wash-water disposal volumes. In addition, it allows more precise monitoring of hole-fill volume, thus providing superior pressure control.

mud bucket, mud savermud saver, mud bucket

Wear Bushing or Wear Guide assembly

Wear guide assembly helps reduce wear on master bushings and bowls during drilling operations, particularly when using a top drive. And the wear guide material is designed to minimize any wear to the drill string. The wear guide assembly mounts directly in the pin drive locations on 27½ ̄ or 37½ ̄ master bushings. Locking drive pins are optional. The expendable wear guide rings made of copper are for pipe sized for 3½"~5" and 5½"~6⅝".

wear guide assembly



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